Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
3745 Kimball Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38111
901 743 6421

Dear friend,

I would like to WELCOME YOU to the website of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. We believe that the essence of Holy Trinity lies not in the buildings where we worship, play, and learn, but in the spirit of the people who call Holy Trinity "home." We are people of faith and people of friendship.  As people of faith, we journey together to become closer to one another through the love of Christ and closer to God. Our journey is not perfect, nor are we of one mind about how we journey, but we agree on one thing: we are here to love God and love one another as we want to be loved.

At Holy Trinity, we celebrate our diversity. We are African-Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians. Our diversity makes us color blind. Just as we invite all to stand with us before the altar of God so we invite all into our community that is characterized by fellowship. Holy Trinity is of a size that you do not just join the church; you become members of the family.

Because of our size, the opportunities to serve God, one another and the world are limitless. If you see a need in these areas and are excited about meeting it, you will find open minds to your ideas. We are small, but our heart for Christian mission is very big.

We are located on the grounds of St. George's Independent School, Memphis Campus. St. George's is a private school with other sites in Germantown and Collierville. The Memphis Campus is devoted to bringing superior education to students who would not normally be able to afford a private school education. Most of the students graduate from fifth grade and go on to St. Georges Middle and High School in Collierville. We seek to support the teachers, staff, and students at St. George's, Memphis. Our mentoring program gives the mostly African-American student body a chance to see and hear African-American professionals talk about how they, too, can become physicians, college professors, and pharmacists. The speakers come mostly from our congregation.

You can read this message and see our pictures, but to truly know us, we invite you to come and see our worship, our fellowship, our love and our welcome to you.




Jamie Cubine+